Agile Communications

Agile Communications

When something goes wrong, how you communicate both inside & outside your organisation can make all the difference.

What makes Battleground different

We empower you with knowledge, information and practical simulation training, to handle any media situation.

Battleground offers a simple, useful and efficient training to empower you in the most risk-exposure media landscape.

Designed by industry leaders in the communications field, we teach you how to handle yourself, and  acquaint you with the tactics used by journalists and producers to ambush, trap or trick you- including how nothing is ever ‘off the record’, how they capture your awkward pause and what they’ll try to get from you in a crisis.

Crisis Media Training

Dealing with ambush media, escalation, reporters, comms, panic, tactics & empathy.

Interview Training

Handling yourself on TV & video links, body language, words to avoid, how to start, how to finish, & where to look.


How to make successful news grabs, live interviews, and deliver content through zoom for media and meetings.

Social Media

Setting up your shot, lighting, audio, angles, formats, what not to say, how to say it and when to say it.

Other consulting Services

A one of kind approach