10 Key Cyber Crisis Learnings

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10 Key Cyber Crisis Learnings from Battleground

  1. Average recovery from large scale cyber incident is 6 months
  2. Up to 78 government agencies involved in each large cyber attack
  3. Home Affairs is often brought in to help to coordinate government response
  4. Support of the CEO by the Board is not just important but essential
  5. Consider whether having the Chair, versus the Full Board, versus a Board Sub-Committee involved for speed of approvals and updates
  6. We are a custodian of data…not the owner
  7. Communicate internally fast. Don’t underestimate the impact of bad press on team morale
  8. Consistency of messaging for all channels is important
  9. Consider data held and implication for State vs. Federal Government regulations
  10. It’s important not to have your response plan on your IT network 

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