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Craig Goldberg

Craig is responsible for several global innovations in business continuity and resilience, using his expertise to develop tailored solutions for organisations of all sizes across a range of industries. 

Craig brings the customer to the centre of the journey, to show the value and benefits of a strong and robust program of work. 

Over the past 20 years Craig has quickly climbed the corporate ladder through the use of business acumen and IT skills to bridge the gap between IT and business within organisations. 

Craig adds value through assisting his clients to anticipate, respond and adapt to the demands and uncertainties of incidents and crises to protect the integrity of their business.


David Kishenevsky

David brings a growth mindset to Battleground and a global perspective to the operations. As a hands-on investor, David ensures the technology and services are cutting edge and industry leading.

Director – Enterprise Risk

Peter Duffy​

Peter brings 30 years of experience in relation to risk, crisis and issues management, assurance, governance and associated practices that are fundamental to sound decision making in a successful and resilient organisation.

As Director of Enterprise Risk Services for Battleground Group Peter delivers outcomes that are reflective of his experience based belief that effective risk management is vital in both protecting and enhancing business impact and value.

Peter has most recently led the Enterprise Risk Function for the CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency. In that role he developed and enhanced CSIRO’s Risk Framework to support increased risk maturity and risk aware decision making at all levels of the organisation.

In addition, Peter was responsible for business continuity, crisis and issues management and has taken a leading role in both the development of continuity and crisis frameworks and the application of those frameworks through significant crisis events.

Peter is regularly invited to present at risk conferences on the challenge of effectively factoring risk into organisational decision making to both protect and enhance business value.

Director – Business Resilience

Mark Cannadine

Mark focuses on protecting businesses through robust crisis, business continuity and security programs, building high performance through post-incident analysis, lessons management and comprehensive assurance programs.

Mark embeds adaptation through sound governance and accountability. 

With a diverse background, Mark has spent his career engaging with risk and building resilience, including major crime, counter terrorist, and maritime operations, disaster victim recovery and identification, health service security, emergency and pandemic planning, corporate crisis frameworks and response, and regulated utility resilience and critical infrastructure security programs.

Mark has provided advisory services to Ministers, Chief Officers and Chief Executives in the UK, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific,  including the International Olympic Committee, Asian Games organising committee and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hajj organising committee.

Mark is passionate in believing that high performing, resilient people, teams, and organisations are purposeful, realistic, and adaptable and is committed to putting people and values at the heart of resilience programs.

Director – Operational Risk

Joe McDavitt

Joe believes that, done right, operational risk management is a powerful contributor to helping achieve organisational objectives. His approach to enabling and driving this is built on gathering an understanding of the operating environment, objectives and constraints facing an organisation and using his experience to develop and deliver plans that are both challenging and sustainable.

As Director, Operational Risk, Joe helps our clients connect their resilience efforts with broader operational risk management goals.  With more than 20 years experience, Joe has held senior consultancy and management roles across retail banking, financial services, energy and utilities. 

Joe has led significant projects in risk transformation, GRC system implementation, AML/CTF capability uplift and controls transformation.  His experience has given him clear insight in to what works, and what doesn’t, when you seek to uplift risk management capabilities and behaviours.

Joe’s focus is working with our APRA regulated clients, with a specific focus on CPS 230.

Financial Controller

Dina Kraemer

Dina is the company’s financial controller and office manager, bringing experience from a diverse range of workplaces to Battleground. Working with our support team, Dina manages the operations of the business.

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Yes, being a web based application it can be used anywhere there is web connectivity. We currently have clients using it around the USA, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Europe.

Yes, Battleground can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Battleground can work seamlessly with your exisiting systems and software.

None. Battleground is a fully web and mobile based solution. All data management and system administration is done on any web browser. 

The mobile application (Battleground Response) is compatible with iOS and Android and available on the App Stores.

Battleground can be used for your BIAs, all of your BCM plan development, management and conducting of testing as well as incident management.

Our pricing is designed around the size of your organisation and the modules chosen. Please contact us to discuss the specific pricing for your needs.

Yes, we provide immersive simulations, extensive training and more both in-person as well as online.

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