Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Ensure your organisation stays on the front foot in the face of a crisis. Battleground enables you to react quickly, consistently and effectively

What makes Battleground different

Our unique plan on a page approach that simplifies crisis management 

Battleground allows you to focus on the strategic aspects of your crisis response rather than the process. Our simple and easy to use Crisis Management documentation will ultimately determine how your organisation prepares, coordinates, manages and communicates in fast moving situations.

Enabling you to identify the right people to respond in a crisis efficiently and effectively, will ensure that your business and its reputation are not only protected, but enhanced in a crisis.

Craig is very knowledgeable and professional, and always available to help. He challenges our Crisis team to think differently and our organisation is better for it.


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Science of Simulations

Battleground’s Science of Simulations model exposes participants to at least three experiences involving live simulations, team or one-on-one coaching, a training workshop and feedback report.

Every team will benefit highly from this approach, which encourages open discussion about the overall performance of the group. Individuals can also seek real feedback on their performance under pressure.

Battleground’s Science of Simulations involve sounds, smells and other pressure points that illicit the reactions and experiences we need to best suit the situation.


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