RegTech Data, Cyber & Information Security Risk Global Showcase

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Our key Risk, Crisis and Continuity Learnings from 2023.

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Be data, cyber & information security risk ready with Battleground. 

As featured at the Global RegTech Showcase: Data, Cyber and Information Security Risk #RegTechEdgeNoBorders event on 30 May 2024.


RegTech Data, Cyber & Information Security Risk Global Showcase Transcript

Good afternoon everybody, and welcome to the RegTech Association’s RegTech Edge No Borders event on data, cyber, and information security.


My name’s Nathan. I’m the community manager for the RegTech Association.


Since 2020, over 21,000 people from more than 100 countries have attended, uh, the RegTech Association programs. So it’s great to see the continued support of these programs, and we thank you today for joining us live this afternoon or for watching a recording at a later date.

Next up we have Joe from Battleground. Yep, Over to you.


Thanks Nathan. And thank you to the Rec Tech Association for the opportunity to speak with the group today.


Battleground is organisational resilience and risk in your pocket.


And I reflect on Julian’s opening comments that this isn’t about necessarily if,

but it’s about when there’s gonna be disruption to your organization. And the space that we really play in is helping organizations to prepare for and respond to disruption, um, so that they can continue towards their objectives, um, in the, in the most effective way.


When we’re talking about resilience, the space that we’re really playing in is the crisis management, business continuity, emergency management, and disaster recovery space.

So very much, um, uh, focusing on how can organizations be ready for disruption?

How can they focus on the outcomes of that disruption and their response to that, making sure that they are continuing to meet customer expectations, meet, um, uh, expectations from regulators, from other stakeholders across, um, across all of society.


So, the challenge that we face in, in this space around business continuity and resilience,

and, um, again, not wanting to be Mr. Fat, um, there, the, there is a huge amount of complexitynand plethora of regulations in this space. There’s ISO standards that are relevant. There’s, uh, business continuity Institute standards here in Australia. We’ve got a PRA prudential standards, both 2, 3, 4 and two 30. And also globally. We’ve got things like Dora the, digital operational resilience, um, act in, in, in in Europe, and a range of other requirements.


And what we find is they layer complexity on each other. More and more complexity, more and more conversations about what this acronym mean, what means what that standard requires. And that complexity hides the business value. The business value in this space is helping our clients build a resilient organization to anticipate disruption to succeed despite challenges and evolve for the future.


But what we find in so many organizations is the tick box mentality. Compliance becomes the goal and the purpose is lost.


So what is Battleground and what, what, what does our platform do?


Well, as I indicated earlier, it’s about resilience in your pocket.


It brings together in one location, in one system, business impact analysis, the ability to conduct your crisis, business continuity, disaster recovery, emergency planning.


Also the ability to manage your response to incidents as they occur.


And that is both, um, online and also via mobile response. And capture all of that information that’s necessary for you to be on top of managing an incident.


We also find that many of our, our customers utilize the platform from a simulations

perspective to help them manage through those, simulations and events that, that, to enable them to be well prepared within the platform.


We also have touch base. So if anybody’s ever tried to invoke a call tree in their organization,

this is an automated way of being able to run two way SMS email and push communication across a wide range of people and get responses back that can be assimilated and evaluated swiftly in plan and an incident chat.


So Messenger. So if you’re using WhatsApp, if you’re using, text message as your incident response tool, this is a cloud-based, secure MEChA, an encrypted mechanism to, to re resolve that.


And then finally, question as in surveys, built in incidents and standalone.


The benefits for our customers are first and foremost, reduced manual data input. We’re able to capture one piece of data and flow it through a range of different locations and different requirements so that we’re able to create plans swiftly. We’re able to connect that data together as well. We’re able to connect our process resilience requirements and service provider requirements through one simple to use platform.


Our motto is very much keep it simple, and our motto is very much a bias to action.


We’re able to have people up and running on our platform within half an hour with, with basic training, all very straightforward and Tru SaaS, Tru SaaS solution with methodology built in. This is not about putting in a complex implementation. You’ll be up and running very swiftly.


We’re also software driven consultancy, so we have a rapid development cycle. We’re able to take on customer feedback and swiftly bring those changes to bear. But fundamentally, the most important benefit of the work that we do is compliance is built in.


If you follow the Battleground Live platform, follow the bouncing ball, you will meet the  ISO and APRA, you will meet the CPS230, you will meet the BCI, so you can focus on resilience, not compliance.


And finally, the last thing that we’re doing, where we’re going next, is we’re actually connecting our resilience platform with a GRC platform across risk control, compliance and action plans. True end-to-end operational resilience, meaning all of your accuracy PS two 30 requirements in one platform.


And I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I have to be clear, we are re we are also gonna include AI in our tool. So absolutely, following on with, with everybody on that focus, got to almost the end of the presentation without saying those two letters though. So quite proud of myself.


Thank you, Nathan,

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