Crisis Communication Do’s and Don’t

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The do’s and don’ts of Crisis Communication in 2 minutes

Have a plan and activate each step

  • don’t miss a step or leave the team behind

Be upfront and break your own news

  • don’t go into hiding, communicate with internal audiences then stakeholders, vendors, the media and the general public

Take action and keep your audience informed

  • don’t let the media second guess or come to their own conclusions

Be honest but discreet

  • don’t share every embarrassing detail, be transparent but tactful  

Set up a streamlined review and approval process

  • don’t leave things to the last minute

Identify the positives

  • don’t focus on the negatives, every cloud has a silver lining, focus on this

Stick to the plan, but don’t be rigid

  • don’t expect things to work out as planned, adapt if needed and don’t expect to please everyone.

Learn for best

  • don’t feel like you’re in alone, organisations are always facing crises

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