Best Crisis Management Software Guide

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We’re well into the technology age and your business needs the right software to keep up with the impacts of data breaches, climate change emergencies and cancel culture.

Incident Response and Crisis Management Software that’s always on, backed up and accessible is vital to ensuring business continuity in the face of a crisis.

When looking for the right software that meets your business needs now and into the future, we recommend the following:

  • Single platform that can manage your plans, people and processes
  • Easily & automatically activates your plans and teams including role escalation and management
  • Enables you to view and interact with checklists that help you know your role, tasks and actions
  • Has automated log keeping of every action so everyone can know what is happening
  • Provides a mobile control centre with a user-friendly interface that tracks actions, assigns tasks and manages incidents
  • Enable seamless communication with built in chat messaging, audio and video conferencing
  • Alerts the right people at the right time through two-way Email, SMS and Push communications within your organisation
  • Is device agnostic
  • Provides an out of the box set up solution
  • Has support available to help onboard and implement
  • Can be integrated into your current platforms and procedures
  • Is backed up by real world learning
  • Delivers real-time reporting of your BIA information on all devices

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