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Need to consolidate recently enhanced BCM maturity through a cyber based exercise focused on timely escalation, co-ordination of multiple teams managing the strategic, technical and communications response – the latter incorporating media engagement via the participation of a media crew in the exercise


Battleground facilitated an exercise of 5 hours duration involving escalation of the event from IT and operational channels through to the activation of an executive level crisis team and four additional response teams. Battleground brought in a camera crew to exercise the media capability of the business through orchestrated stand-up and ‘4-Corners’ style interviews.

Battleground bring exceptional expertise and experience in helping organisations to understand where they need to be, with regards to their size, and complexity. The team works in a hands on way, within and across the business to help you get the best results from preparation through simulations.”

Chief Operating and Technology Officer


The client further enhanced their crisis capability and skill in media engagement whilst identifying valuable improvements regarding crisis team operations, crisis communications, decision making rights and responsibilities and invocation of Business Continuity Plans.

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