Answers to your sleepless nights

Answers to your sleepless nights

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Get the answers to our clients Top 10 things that keep them up at night.

From retail giants like Bunnings, Kmart and Catch to Government and Council, tech companies and universities, the patterns are the same.

When you’ve worked in resilience as much as we have and with as many and diverse clients as we do, you pick up on patterns.

When building their resilience programs or when reviewing the lessons they identify after a simulation exercise, the concerns are the similar.

Top 10 Things That Keep Our Clients Up At Night

  1. Do we have a system that can escalate incident notifications to our crisis team quickly 
  2. We want a system we can store all our crisis plans and documentation in
  3. We need a tool to communicate with all our people quickly 
  4. Our teams contact information is always out of date because it’s not linked to our Active Directory or HR system 
  5. Why can’t we initiate an incident immediately from anywhere
  6. I wish I could review my role and responsibilities quickly before the crisis briefing
  7. We work in a hybrid environment now and we need a virtual control centre not just the boardroom
  8. We have trouble tracking actions and decisions, who’s responsible for them and when they’re completed
  9. Our system is fine in the control room but I wish we had a cool mobile app that worked with it 
  10. If our network is down we’re in big trouble because all our plans contact lists and communication tools will be down

Bonus (because we always like to over-deliver)

  1. I wish I could send a quick questionnaire to the crisis team straight after the hot debrief to gather their immediate thoughts and reflections asap

If you’ve asked yourself or your colleagues one or all of these questions, then we’d be very happy to show you how we answer all of these in one place with a no obligation consultation.

Give us a call, enquire online, email and let us show you. 

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