Automate your BCM & Resilience program

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Save time and effort with software tools that can help you manage your continuity plans and procedures. Not just keeping your BCM, risk assessment, incident management, and reporting in the one place, automating your process in a crisis can be the difference of survival or recovery.

Automating your BCM & Resilience program will help ensure you are not only prepared for disruptions or disasters, but can quickly recover from them.

Because continuity is key, automation during a crisis gives you the time to manage and maintain your continuity plans and procedures efficiently and effectively.

Having a secure SaaS web and mobile solution with Twilio web telecommunications, dedicated crisis phone numbers, with automated log keeping and real-time reporting at you finger tips, ensures you can keep the right people informed at the right time, all at a push of the button.

Simplifying your BCM & Resilience programme into a single system, provides you easy access to all dependency listings, reports and assessments on one platform.

Battleground Live puts you first, with user friendly design and simple layouts that capture the criticality of each business process and details alternate working strategies. Accessible from the mobile app or desktop, it’s always there when you need it most.

Automate your BCM & Resilience program and have your response and recovery plans at your fingertips. With personalised checklists and details for each user, Battleground easily activates your plans and teams, escalating messages to gather the right people at the right time.

Automatically SMS your teams of the incident and escalate the activation until all roles are accepted. Battleground automatically tracks actions, assigns tasks and helps manage incidents, centrally, updating actions and teams on the fly.

Automating your BCM & Resilience programme is crucial to your Business Continuity Management and ensures your business can weather any storm and be stronger from it.

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