Business Continuity Management Top 5 Tips

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Have your plan and manage it.

For successful business continuity management, you need a plan.

Here are our top 5 tips on the actions you need to take when an unexpected event occurs 

  • Plan for the unexpected
    Sure, it’s impossible to think of every incident that may happen, but put everything on the table, then grade these threats for their likelihood and severity.
    Why you might ask? Looking at a wide facet of crisis events will ensure your plan can adapt to almost any situation
  • Hypothesis the impact of each potential threat
    Understand the impact each threat has on your business and detail the requirements to ensure disruption is reduced and the business can respond appropriately.
    Why? When a cyber-attack occurs, you can have the right people and actions in place to avoid paying the ransom 
  • Identify your frontline team
    Who responds best under pressure? Who can take the lead? Identify the skills required for each threat and match these to your team and make them disaster ready.
    Don’t have the skills in-house? Identify contractors that can fill the gaps and spring into action when a crisis occurs. 
  • Be disaster ready
    They don’t say practise makes perfect for nothing. Inform and train your frontline team and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.
    Repetitive actions ingrain behaviours and will ensure your team are disaster ready your business resilient.
  • Review, refine & optimise
    Control what you can. The business world is dynamic and your Business Continuity Plan needs to be too. Leverage technology, practise to make perfect and bring on new ideas. We suggest a review every 6 to 12 months to ensure any new threats are identified.

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