Connecting the dots

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Help your team connect the dots 

As risk and resilience professionals, we constantly monitor open source data, press and industry publications to understand key trends that we need to help our organisations face.

One of our key jobs is to connect the dots between these seemingly disconnected data points to help build a picture of where and how we need to prepare.  

Some recent press underlines the importance of effective, end-to-end understanding of customer operations, failure modes and regulator expectations. 

Most of us will have been across recent CBA outages and regulatory actions against BOQ and Medibank Private, as well as the pending release of prudential guidance for CPS 230 from APRA.  

What should we be doing in our organisations:

  • First and foremost – understanding what our customer critical operations are, and who, how, why and with what they are delivered 
  • Secondly, spend time with key people in your organisation to help them build a shared understanding of the individual constraints and objectives they have in delivering these operations 
  • Thirdly, helping those key business owners to be able to clearly articulate what they do to make sure these operations are working, and understand what they need to do to reduce uncertainty associated with them. 

Spending time with our teams to help them connect their dots is our purpose as risk professionals.   

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